Shawn is a trustworthy and laid-back therapist who is from Taiwan. He has a full of passion and enthusiasm for helping people relax and reduce muscle pain. Also, he has finished Diploma of Remedial Massage. He makes a wonderful combination of many massage styles such as Remedial, Thai, Acupressure, Swedish massage. It can be customised to the client's requirements.


Frank is a massage therapist who is passionate about working with people to feel their best and not be diminished by stress and pain. He has a practical but empathetic approach to alleviating tension through trigger point, stretching and deep tissue massage for a relaxing but highly effective treatment.


Hank is a kind and thoughtful person and he is also from Taiwan. He has an easy-going and a kind-hearted personality which always take care of his clients well.. He is so good at relaxation skills that will provide you an unforgettable and extraordinary experience. He will do his best to help you reduce your sore muscles and relieve your stress. 



Ivy found her passion for massage as a trainee in a Chinese clinic. She has demonstrated her own skills in massage treatment and hospitality. She is furthering the study and almost complete the Diploma of Remedial. Ivy's treatment is a combination of Chinese and Western techniques. From effleurage to trigger point, gentle to deep tissue. She will focus on what you need and happy to help you release the tension professionally.